Dear Kids

My kids headed back to school this month.  The husband and I decided to update the kids on everything they missed via Instagram.  Back to school is fun! Kathryn Tweet Pin It

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Knock Knock Knock… Is This Thing On?

  Stay Tuned…  The Saucy Bits is getting a make over and a re-launch.  Enjoy a vodka tonic on us while you wait.   xo   The Broads Tweet Pin It photo by:

Xmas Super Edition of Saucy Bits – Kissing Cousins

Dear Broads, I have an awkward relationship with my boyfriend’s cousin, who lives 5 hours away. When we first started dating almost 4 years ago and I started going to their family functions, she made a strong point of expressing herself by never making eye contact with me or verbally […]



Gross Gossip – The Olsen Edition

Mary-Kate Olsen (I know, I am shocked I am talking about her too) 26, is dating the Oliver Sarkozy the 42 year old half brother of the gentleman who recently ran France.  Below is a picture of Mary-Kate and Ollie on the streets of New York.  Oh and yes, that […]

Don’t Dress for Dinner

Dear Broads, I was invited to a graduation party last week and the invitation gave the place, time and informed us that “a group of us will be going to restaurant X for dinner after”.   My husband said “Dinner will be nice.”  I said “We weren’t invited.”  He doesn’t believe […]

Thanks for my present, but no dinner for YOU!

Not the nicest thing that could happen to MY kitchen...

Please, No Tupperware

Summer is a time for taking it easy, getting together with friends and socializing. It is not a time to show off, be fancy or give your friends a job they didn’t ask for. When you have friends over for a nice summer barbecue this season, remember this: If you […]

50 Shades of Sex in the Suburbs. 3

Yes, I read all of the 50 Shades Books.  Every poorly written, smutty word of them, yes I did.  Hate it, love it or pretend you never read it – 50 Shades of Grey got your motor running.  Suburban moms are eating this up and we want more. It’s not shameful […]

50 Shades

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Round Up – Mother’s Day

My family gave me this little beauty for Mother’s Day. It arrived after my mimosa, coffee and breakfast which contained bacon.  Nothing says “I Love You Mom” like a day which begins with bacon and booze.  We hope all of you Saucy Mother’s enjoyed your day. ~Miss K Tweet Pin […]

Talk To Us Tuesday: Hormal Harumpher

Dear Broads, We live in NYC and had a baby about 7 months ago.  We know how thin the walls are in our building so, a few weeks ago, we sent all our neighbors a bottle of really good champagne thanking them for their patience and for putting up with […]

What Do You Mean They Didn't Say Thank You!


Just The Tip: Be Patient and Leave a Big Tip

Pay attention my friends because these are words to live by, one of the best tips we can give you.  Be kind to bartenders.  They serve happiness in a glass and it’s worth the wait. Have a great weekend! The Broads Tweet Pin It