Round-Up Rant – Germs in the City 1

I live in a city where people seem to have a general disregard for all things hygienic.  If I had a dime for every time I saw someone spit on the sidewalk or blow their nose into the air without a tissue, I would be rich enough to walk around New York with an entourage that would Purell everything for me wherever I go.  Maybe New Yorkers feel “why bother?” when it comes to germ patrol.  Maybe the effort is wasted because of the spitters and air hanky jerks foiling them.  But these people?  These people rock my world.  On the subway.  Wearing a surgical mask to stop the spread of their germs.  Oh, the consideration!  How refreshing to see a pair that care enough to cover their germy pie holes!  This sight is so rare to see in the city that I am so happy it is documented to forever live in history.  My faith in New Yorkers had been restored.  This special moment.  I wanted to lift up that mask and open mouth kiss them for being so thoughtful.  Then they bowed their heads and I realized….oh, they’re tourists.  That explains it.
~Miss S

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