Just the Tip – Super Bowl Edition 4

Today we are gathering the best advice from the interwebs to help you navigate this weekend.  So here is our advice on how to make your SuperBowl experience a good one (ie don’t make an ass of yourself)

Top 5 things to chat about if you’re not really interested in the game
..as seen on the Today show b/c we’re too busy planning our own party..

  1. Did you see the house that Tom Brady built in California?  http://sports.yahoo.com/nfl/blog/shutdown_corner/post/tom-bradys-new-home-should-accommodate-his-superstar-lifestyle?urn=nfl,wp14347
  2. Did you know there’s never been an over time at any super bowl?
  3. In two years the first outdoor super bowl will happen in New Jersey.  That’s a first.
  4. If Eil Manning wins this year, he’d have twice as many super bowl rings as his brother Peyton.  (How’s that for sibling tension?)
  5. If actress Rooney Mara (Dragon Tattoo) wins an Oscar this year and her brother Chris Mara (Giants) wins the Superbowl it will be the first year that one family wins an Oscar and the Superbowl.  (Overachievers)
Top 5 things NOT to say at the game
  • Which ones are the Jets?
  • Which team does Dereck Jeter play for?
  • Why are they always measuring with that thing?
  • At the end they give them that big Stanley cup.
  • To the losing team:  There’s always next year.

Need some party food ideas?  We are here to help.

Perhaps you would like a Twinkie Stadium.

Maybe something a little more subtle

How about these fancy balls?

Screw fancy, go big or go home.

We’ll be throwin’ back the beeers and having a wicked pissa time watching the best team win.

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