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Dear Broads,
I’m having a tough time deciding what to do and need your opinions.  My dear friend has a son in High School who is facebook friends with my son.  A while back, I saw a photo on facebook of my friend’s son and his teammates surrounded by liquor bottles and it was pretty clear they were all drunk.  I was worried that the potential college coaches looking at him would see that picture and he might lose out a chance at a scholarship or something, so I told my friend, who is barely on facebook.  She was very grateful and the photo was taken down.  The problem now is I’ve seen another photo like this, again.  My friend was very appreciative of my first “facebook police” act, but I’m afraid I’ll look like an a-hole if I call him out again.  I don’t want his mother to feel like I’m telling her she’s a bad mom or anything, I just know she’s not seeing it because she is rarely on facebook.  Her son is so talented and I understand boys will be boys, but if he loses a chance at a scholarship, he probably won’t go to college.  Do I tell his mom, again?  Keep my mouth shut?  Imply she should get on facebook more?  Help!

About to Bust


Dear About to Bust,
Awh man.  Social media has ruined everybody’s fun.  Remember the days when you could drink in your parent’s basement and not worry about some douche clown having a damn camera and being “tagged”?  You did the right thing by letting your friend know about her son’s escapades, but I think once is enough.  If his mom got the first photo taken down, I’m guessing she is pulling a James Bond and sneaking around on facebook masked as some high school hottie named Tiffany and spying on him.  I’m sure she will catch his latest pose.  If not, then maybe bring up the topic again with her the next time you chat.  “Is Budweiser sponsoring Johnny for college?  Every time I see a picture of him on facebook he’s holding their product.”  She’ll get the hint.  If she doesn’t, well, I hear that those air conditioner repair schools let anybody in.

-Miss S


Dear Busted
It sounds to me like your friend probably chatted with her son, but the pictures have been taken and he is now getting tagged in the incriminating photos.  You do realize that photos can show up on this boy’s wall, that he did not post, if his friends are tagging him being a booze hag, right?

I would stay out of it.  Give this mom some credit and space and let her deal with it how she sees fit.  Social Media changes daily and kids and parents need to educate themselves.  If you really want to help, maybe you could find a class and invite your friend.  Knowledge is power and all parents could use a little power

-Miss K


Dear Internet Stalker –
This kid is not the brightest and you’re sweet to try and protect him. You alerted his mother to an issue that is now her problem.  It’s up to her to police her own son (or not). I would forward an article on “how to get your child’s social media ready for the admission office,” but past that, leave it alone.  You cannot cop to constantly checking out his Facebook.  It makes you look crazy and judgy and shit.   Besides, the way hazing rituals are heading at universities these days, scouts may see his ability to binge drink as an added bonus to his athletic skills.  It will make it harder for his teammates to kill him with Southern Comfort.

– Miss T

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2 thoughts on “Talk To Us Tuesdays. Is It A Must To Bust?

  • Laura

    Perhaps just tell her that you don’t want to play Facebook Police, and ask her that should you see anything, would she want to know? Let her tell you “By all means!” before you tell her anything more. Perhaps add that you think the world of her son, and would hate for the immaturity and short-sightedness of youth prevent him from the brilliant future you know he is destined for.

  • Miss M

    “the way hazing rituals are heading at universities these days, scouts may see his ability to binge drink as an added bonus to his athletic skills”
    Hilarious Miss T!!!!!!!!