Talk To Us Tuesday – Email Power Trip

I have rules - e-mail RULES!

Dear Saucy Bits,
A neighbor who is in charge of our block association often sends out emails with information we need to know, questions/queries etc.  In those emails she states “please do not email me back during the business day” while she is “working”.  These emails are sent from her work email address — during business hours.  I think she should get a new email address so we can all email her back at our convenience OR don’t read non work related emails while at work.  My other neighbors think I’m being too tough.  I’m busy enough kind of resent her telling me when I can email her back.  What do you say?
Annoyed by the email

Dear Annoyed,
Doesn’t your neighbor know that the internet is the Wild West?  There are no RULES in email!  Hell, people don’t even use proper punctuation anymore.  Her asking you to refrain from responding during business hours is ridiculous — if electronic mail can go out, it can come back in.  Yes, she should have a address or a non-work related point of contact.  Your neighbor doesn’t have to respond during her day, but she cannot limit the time frame during which you reach out.  That’s like the first amendment or something, yo.  Suggest this change and if she resists, there is only one thing you can do……spam her work email with porn.  Lots and lots of dirty porn.
– Miss T
Dear Annoyed,
I think you should write her back immediately, but make sure your email says “AUTO REPLY” in the subject line so you are off the hook.  Say something about how you are far too busy to read emails now and that you will get back to this email when it is convenient for you…like in a week or so.  Then suggest that senders re send their emails between the fourth and sixth day at around noon but not before 10 or after 4:55.  See if that gets her panties in a knot!  Okay, I am sure you will not do this, so then I suggest you approach her with the idea of getting a personal or big shot block association email address that she can check when she is good and ready.  Her telling you when to respond is such a diva thing to do.  And I would like to add how I love that she is too busy at work to read emails, but has the time to send them from work?  She must be a pain in the ass.  Can you move out of the neighborhood?
-Miss S
Dear Annoyed,
I smell power trip with a dash of OCD for good measure.  Honestly, she thinks she is so very important she couldn’t possibly read your emails at a time that is inconvenient.  My guess is she tech challenged and can’t figure out how to open a gmail account which she can then just synch to her phone…. oh wait, she still has a flip phone doesn’t she.  My advice.  E-mail her whenever it is convenient for YOU and ignore her ridiculous request, I mean can’t she just read this crap later when she’s home from work? It’s time to stage a coup and get this queen dethroned.  If that’s not possible just make sure she’s not invited to the fun parties, she sounds like a drag.
Miss K

photo by: Jerry Bunkers

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