Talk To Us Tuesday: Hormal Harumpher

What Do You Mean They Didn't Say Thank You!

Dear Broads,
We live in NYC and had a baby about 7 months ago.  We know how thin the walls are in our building so, a few weeks ago, we sent all our neighbors a bottle of really good champagne thanking them for their patience and for putting up with any late night noises.  Nearly all of my neighbors said thank you, except for one.  Of course I’m obsessing on the one.  Am I a bitch and totally hormonal because I’m a little miffed by their not saying anything?  (I’d like to add, too, that no one gave us so much as a card welcoming the baby.)  I know it’s weird to thank someone for a thank you gift, but I thought it deserved at least a “Hey, I got the champagne” or something.  Am I wrong?  
Hormonally harumphing

Dear Hormonal Rage,
Do they need to thank you for the thank you?  No, they don’t.  Should they mention the thoughtful gift from a nice neighbor, yes.  Listen.  You will be sensitive to everything right now (I am assuming you are Mom btw).  Post baby feelings, grudges, obsessions are heightened.  It sounds pretty simple, your neighbors are crotchety baby haters.  Let it go and enjoy your new bundle of perfection.  You have more important things to worry about right now than a bad neighbor, so try to get some sleep and move along.
Miss K

Dear Harumpher,
It sounds like you are still high from the fumes of your amazing accomplishments.  (Making a human being AND doling out classy champagne.)  Yes, you are an amazing baby maker and yes, you are a very considerate neighbor, but not everyone is that incredible or has that Emily Post gene in them.  Don’t waste your possible napping time waiting by the mailbox for a thank you note from your mute neighbor.  It’s not coming.  But, if you want to put them on the spot, make them wriggle and get the thank you you’re looking for, why not just flat out ask them if they got your gift?  There’s nothing wrong with asking.  Then you’ll probably get the acknowledgement you’re looking for and make them uncomfortable, too!  But do it soon because before long, junior will be walking and talking and going to college.  You’ll be too consumed to be bothered by crappy neighbors.
-Miss S
Dear Cray Cray with a Bebe –
Lady, you live in NEW YORK FUCKING CITY. You’re lucky your neighbors don’t flip you off simply for having the bad luck for being in the elevator or stairwell at the same time.  Yes, it was super nice of you to ply people with bubbly knowing how loud your new lovely bundle of poo was going to be.  But that’s where it ends. Just because YOU care about your co-op family doesn’t necessarily mean anyone else cares about you.  So take pride in handling yourself in a manner you can be happy with and let it alone.  Go get a massage, recall the thick skin you had before you popped the kid out, get the formula out of your hair and let it go.
– Miss T

photo by: LaBellaVida

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