Don’t Dress for Dinner

Thanks for my present, but no dinner for YOU!

Dear Broads,
I was invited to a graduation party last week and the invitation gave the place, time and informed us that “a group of us will be going to restaurant X for dinner after”.   My husband said “Dinner will be nice.”  I said “We weren’t invited.”  He doesn’t believe me.  I told him we would have been asked to go, not TOLD they were going.  He asked “Well, why did they tell us about it then?”  My thoughts exactly!   Do you think it was a little tacky to include their plans that didn’t include us in the invitation?  Our feathers are a little ruffled.
Don’t Dress for Dinner

Dear DDD,
Wow, they sound like people who would also tell you how substantial their salary is compared to yours and brag about how few grams of carbs they consume, too.  Nice.  (I hope you didn’t spend a lot on the graduation gift.)  To answer your question.  Yes.  It was tacky and rude and not very thoughtful.  The graceful way they could have gone about it is to just put a time limit like 7-9pm on the invitation and all the guests, or at least the ones who can read, would know it ends at 9pm.  We don’t need to know why or what plans they have that don’t include you.  Simple as that.   Part of me is wishing you left early because you had “plans”.  Let us know how it went!
-Miss S

Dear Triple D, Nickname Not Your Bra Size –
This is the tackiest thing I’ve ever heard.  I hope it was one of those invitations where you just write in the date and time.  And hopefully it had a leopard print design.  That’s how we can elevate the gaucheness.

The ONLY way this doesn’t necessitate a total hostess bitch slap is if the ‘group’ of people who were invited to the dinner portion were direct blood relatives. And if the rest of you can hang out and trash this chick’s house while working your way through her bar. Even then we cannot pretend this isn’t a total fucking clusterfuck. Anyway, I’d call the hostess and ask if you’ve received a golden ticket to dinner. And steal some of her silverware on the way out.  Or don’t go. Have a competing graduation party at the same time and syphon off her guest list. If anyone asks, “Triple D, what did you graduated from?” You tell them, “I’m all finished hanging out with inelegant people.”
– Miss T
Dear Friends of a D-bag,
Holy klassy with a K, what a bunch of ma-rooons.  I have to agree with the ever eloquent Miss T on this on, I am not sure you need to attend this tacky, “give me money, but you’re not on the dinner list” event.  I attended a very nice high school graduation party and let me tell you, I made money on this thing.  Many, many glasses of wine, hors d’oeuvres, full dinner buffet and did I say WINE?  I am confident I drank the equivalent of the check I gave the poor kid.  My hosts were so gracious they topped the night off with cake.  Dump these tacky ya-hoos and find friends who throw a great graduation party and by “great” I mean “open bar”.
~Miss K

photo by: brad montgomery

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