Gross Gossip – The Olsen Edition

Mary-Kate Olsen (I know, I am shocked I am talking about her too) 26, is dating the Oliver Sarkozy the 42 year old half brother of the gentleman who recently ran France.  Below is a picture of Mary-Kate and Ollie on the streets of New York.  Oh and yes, that is his daughter walking with the luvas.

It’s been said Oliver’s ex-wife feels the relationship is “grotesque”.  I have a few choice words about this couple as well and grotesque is being kind.  Maybe it’s a French thing, but having a pre-pubescent looking girlfriend dragging on a cancer stick while walking with my kid just doesn’t seem appealing.  Who knows, maybe he wants to save on their clothing allowance.  It’s nice the girls can share outfits  from the Baby Gap.

Dear Saucy Readers – what do you think of these new lovebirds?

Miss K


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