Please, No Tupperware

Not the nicest thing that could happen to MY kitchen…

Summer is a time for taking it easy, getting together with friends and socializing. It is not a time to show off, be fancy or give your friends a job they didn’t ask for. When you have friends over for a nice summer barbecue this season, remember this: If you think you are being fancy by giving your dinner guests some leftovers in a tupperware container, you are not being fancy. You are being a pain in the ass.

I begged for a just little square of aluminum foil or even a simple Ziploc bag, but the host insisted “No, no, use the tupperware”. I knew in that moment, my life would then be devoted to (inconvenienced by) its safe return.

Most of my year was spent attempting to return this commitment container. All the while, ensuring the lid stayed with its container mate and not wind up in that drawer where things go to die. For months, I kept it in sight, protected, clean and cared for… on the counter, then in the bathroom, then in my office and then finally on my husband’s bedroom dresser, where, after a while, it morphed into some kind of redneck valet. He started using it since it was there. When I noticed it was becoming a part of the bedroom decor, I had to put it away. All the way away. Like “out of sight” away. And I promised myself I wouldn’t forget it if my friend came to visit. And they did. But, I did. All three times. Argh.

It had now gotten to the point where if it caught my eye while opening the cabinet where it was now hidden, I would swear at it. “Argh. Fucking tupperware” and glare at it. This relationship, that was forced upon me, was really taking its toll on me, so I was relieved knowing fancy pants was coming to visit. When that beautiful day came, I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I said I THREW the container at my friend and said “TAKE IT, TAKE IT, TAKE IT!” Like some kind of maniac throwing something that was engulfed in flames.

So now you know. Tupperware users, you have two options. Either give us your container and say “I don’t need it back” to save us from the hassle or just give us leftovers in basic tin foil and forget the fancy stuff. Trust me, we’ll like you more.

~Miss S

photo by: Athenamama

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