About the Saucy Bits


IMG_4812Miss K
is a frustrated writer and stand-up comic.  In her attempt to fulfill the dreams no one knew she had, Miss K holds a useless Business Degree and practices her Open Mic routine in the kitchen in front of her three kids and dog.  She writes honestly about life in the suburbs on her blog Coastal Chick.  In her free time Miss K enjoys trolling entertainment websites, making iTunes playlists, reading anything she can download to her Kindle for free and being with her husband and kids.  She prides herself on her failure as a cook, laundress and dog trainer.  Her favorite cocktail is without question a good Tom Collins.  The sad truth is bartenders can no longer make a good Tom Collins but thankfully her husband is great with a shaker so she is happy.  Miss K tweets for The Saucy Bits.  You can find her @TheSaucyBits


Miss S has been a steadily working actor, writer and comic in New York City since 1994.  You can read about her saucy successes here. When she is out of the spotlight, she likes to whip out her real estate license and stage properties in Manhattan, because snooping and judging are also her passions.  She is a lifelong foodie who learned to chiffonade with a Play School knife and made up recipes before her first truffle.  Her first cooking job was at age 14 and, like any good foodie, she has been hooked on restaurants since – whether as a diner, server, manager or garde manger. She studied a bit at the French Culinary Institute in order to keep on her toes, but more so just to show off by getting to drop that name. In her limited free time Miss S has turned her love of dogs into a regular volunteer gig where she rehabilitates, trains and finds homes for needy pups all over NYC.  Miss S is best known for never paying retail, having a recipe for any occasion in her head and throwing a party that can make the Jones’ shut up.  She is also, proudly, one of the few WASP’s that can style African American hair.  Miss S also tweets, or as she likes to call it twats, @SaucyMissS – go give her a follow!

Miss T lives her life by the Three C’s – Cleavage, Curse Words and Champagne. At age 10, she proudly rocked a T-shirt reading, I’m Not Deaf, I’m Ignoring You to her first day of summer camp, endearing herself as the “weird” one. Hailing from the Midwest, Miss T successfully escaped to the East Coast as soon as she received her acceptance to an M.S. program at Boston University and a working credit card. She moved to New York City to work in television as a producer then as an agent before declaring her independence. She now pursues a career in writing about herself while she samples the world’s best restaurants. Miss T is a total food whore and babbles about her culinary adventures at http://www.frenchfrycopilot.com/. In her spare time, she toils as a professional bridesmaid – serving under no fewer than 11 brides to date. Miss T only runs if being chased and is most likely to teach your toddler how to say fuck. She is the person you want picking the restaurant, bitching out your ex-boyfriend and driving your get-a-way car. Miss T would cut you for a piece of cheese.