The Sperms 1

Miss S has a very sweet husband.  He is always on the look out for a great Saucy Bits photo.  Mr. J found this little gem:   We understand the need to diversify your business in this economy, but WTF people.  The Sperms? The Broads Tweet Pin It

Happy Ending

I have rules - e-mail RULES!

Talk To Us Tuesday – Email Power Trip

Dear Saucy Bits, A neighbor who is in charge of our block association often sends out emails with information we need to know, questions/queries etc.  In those emails she states “please do not email me back during the business day” while she is “working”.  These emails are sent from her […]

Weekend Round-up: How to Fail at Gift Giving 1

Miss K here and I am writing to all the men out there. Put on your listening ears and try to avoid these little missteps. I am basically give you a blow by blow of how to avoid a gift debacle. Heed my warning and DO NOT MAKE THE SAME […]



Just the Tip – Rent Before You Buy. Children. 2

Those Who Can, Do. Those Who Can’t, Pay Gross Amounts of Cash To Replicate It. My Dad doesn’t have the build of a hockey player.  A life long Detroit Red Wings fan, he purchased season tickets before I was born and long before he could afford them. Despite his savant […]

WTF and We Think We Love You 1

Miss S found this little gem from Laughing Squid This?  This is “Airplane Lavatory Self-Portraits in the Flemish Style”.  Here is the blurb from the laughing squid. Our creativity on flights usually consists of creating airline cocktails using mixed nuts.  This gal is obviously an over achiever.  All we can […]

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The Catholics Love a Good Blood of Christ.

The Broads and the Holidays 4

  The holidays are coming.  In fact, for you religious and, you know, Jesus believers, today is Good Friday.  Miss T, Miss S and Miss K give you their take on the Holidays.  It’s not pretty, but it’s a good guess we’ll all have a liquor option in our advice. […]

WTF – Wedding Industry

Dear Wedding Industry – I respect the fact you make billions of dollars off chicks that want the fairytale day.  I think it’s awesome headpieces cost $525 a pop and TLC has an entire series allowing viewers to gawk at shallow bitches choosing their wedding gowns. Please know, I am […]



Talk to us Tuesdays – Boy Crazy

Dear Broads – My best friend is boy crazy.  She is higher than high when she meets a new guy and then lives in despair for weeks after it fizzles.  The problem?  I’m married and running out of patience for the roller coaster.  I’m happy to play her wing (wo)man […]