No Foolin’

I am going to come right out and say it.  I hate the adult version April Fools’ Day.  As a kid, sure it was fun.  Who didn’t love it when your teacher went to erase the chalkboard with the eraser full of chalk tucked in it?  Seeing her trying to […]

grumpy bus lady

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Celebrity Sauce… It’s so juicy

  Kaput!  Well Ladies, Dr. Carlisle is officially on the prowl.  Peter Facinelli has filed for divorce from Jennie Garth.  The interesting part of this is their date of separation is listed as January 1st. Jennie has been on all the rags promoting her new CMT show, Jennie Garth: A Little […]

WTF Wednesday and The Subtle Butt

Apparently these are real:   and you can buy them, to cure your stinky ass issues. But wait, there is more! Bad Brazilian?  Need of some nether region coverage?  Looking for some spice?  You can also cure your merkin issues with these babies:   Men do you have issues down […]

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Chocolate Chip Christ?

WTF? I thought the Lord Savior was a Communion Cracker.  Like Christ on a Cracker? Why doesn’t anyone explain these things to me? I really like hamantashen this time of year, but if they’re going to start sprinkling Toll House Morsels on JC, I might have to make a switch. […]

Put a lid on it?

What to do when your mother in law recites every ingredient in the dish you complimented.


Here’s a tip, don’t be the amateur on St. Patty’s Day 2

St. Patrick’s Day.  My favorite holiday.  In Boston, we call it “scheduled sick day”.  (Oh I miss my youth.)  St. Patrick’s Day is one of those holidays that can be disastrous for the amateur. (New Year’s Eve, Red Sox Winning the World Series…also amateur hour).  St. Patrick’s day is like Mardi Gras, but with […]

My Dream St. Patty Party Posse

Here’s your hat, what’s your problem!?

Dear Christina, Mom boobs and a jaunty hat = NO.  Just no.  Really?  Compact Disc hat?  Stop the insanity.  Please use Cee Lo’s stylist. Thanks The Broads Tweet Pin It



Snack Stealer

An employer has an employee who is eating all of the snacks designated for clients.